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“Hey! (f/n)!”
You turn around to see Eren running towards you. A blush creeps onto your face. ‘W-why is he calling for me?”
You tried to hide the blush and frown at him as he ran up to you, “What do you want idiot!” You shouted, crossing your arms.
“I heard this rumor, and I want to know if it’s true.” He blushes slightly and scratches the back of his neck.
You narrow your eyes towards him, “what rumor? And from who?!” You commanded
“Uh, w-well, Jean said you have a crush on me.” He stated, looking away.
Your face turned even redder, but you shook it off.
You hit him up-side of his head, “Y-You idiot! W-why would I like someone like you!” You shouted and storm off.
After you put some safe distance between you and Eren, you slid down the wall, “That jackass jean. I’ll get what he deserves!” You growled and got up and stomp to the main hall.
“Hey, Jackass!” You called out towards Jean.
He stops his cleaning and got up, “Hey, watch who you’re calling a jack-“
You flip him over your shoulder, and put a death hold around his neck, “Listen here, don’t you dare EVER tell Eren I like him. Got it?”
He struggle to your hold, “B-But you didn’t deny t-that you like him.”
You strengthen your hold on him until you see his little ghost coming out of his mouth.
After you were finish, you got up and dust your hands off, “Next time, be smart about what you’re saying next. Got it?” You glare down at him.
He just barely shook his head.
You stomp off, to only bump into someone.
“Gah. You idiot, watch where you’re goin-“ You saw who it was, Eren. You blush a thousand shades.
“Huh? Oh sorry (f/n).” He smiled at you.
You turn your head away so he couldn’t see your face, “Y-You better be, stupid! Watch it next time!” You stomp off and run off behind a tree. Putting your cool hands on your cheeks to cool them down.
“T-That idiot. Making me blush. Just who does he think he is?” You mumbled.
You jumped at the sudden voice; you quickly turn to see Mikasa.
“A-ah, Mikasa. Didn’t see you there…” You mumbled.
“Was it Eren who did that?” She asked, ignoring your statement.
“E-Eren?”  You blushed even more at the mention of his name. You quickly put your hands on your face again.
“I take that as a yes.” She sat down beside you.
You and Mikasa always have been best of friends. Due to you both having something in common, protecting Eren.
“I know that you have a crush on him.” She stated bluntly.
You jump a bit in shock, “W-what?! Who said?! Was it Jean?!” You yelled, getting up.
She shook her head and pulled you down, “It’s obvious.”
You look down and cover you face to cool it down, “Is it really?”
“I hope Eren doesn’t know. If he does, That would be embarrassing, I couldn’t ever face him again!”
Mikasa put a hand on your back, “Don’t worry, he likes you back”
You sit straight up, “H-he does?”
She nods.
“H-how do you know?”
“He told me, and asked if you liked him back”
You nod quickly, “and did you tell him I did?”
She shrugged, “I told him I didn’t know.”
You nod quickly and hugged Mikasa close. It took a second, but she hugged back.
Soon, you let go and ran off, “Thanks Mikasa!”
You were relieved, happy, excited, and a bit scared. You were thinking off all of the scenarios throughout your head. Until running into someone, falling down into the dirt.
“Gah! Uh, sorry! I didn’t-” You look up to see Titan Boy. You completely change your tone, “You! I thought I told you to watch where you were-” You stopped to see you happy, energetic Titan Boy, being completely the opposite of himself.
His cheeks were tear stain, he was sniffling a bit, his eyes were red, and he still had a tear in his eyes.
You straighten your posture, “H-hey idiot! Just what the hell you think you are doing being all depressing?! Jeez, just being around you makes me feel depressed!”  You crossed your arms.
He sniffled and wipes his tears with his sleeve, “s-sorry.” He mumbled.
“H-hey! Be happy, I mean, you have people who love you, like Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Sasha…” You mumbled as you counted off his friends.
He smiled at your attempt, and laughed. You jumped at the sudden laugh.
“H-Hey! Why are you laughing, you big idiot!” You pouted, crossing your arms.
“Thanks for cheering me up (f/n)!” He laughed.
“W-what?! I didn’t cheer you up for your sake; you’ll depress the whole place if you kept it up.” You mumbled, looking away to hide your blush.
He laughed some more, “I thought you hated me.”
“I-I don’t hate you… Don’t say such stupid things!” You hit him on the head.
Then he tackled you in a hug, “Thanks for being here for me.”
Your face was completely red, “H-hey! Get off you p-pervert!” You yelled, hitting his head.
Soon, he retreated away from you. You frowned and looked away. Whispering something along the lines of, ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’.
He chuckled some more and offer you his head to get up.
You frown and slightly look at his head, after a moment, you decided to finally accept it.
You dust yourself off, “y-you idiot, see what you did, making me dirty and such.”
“I’m sure it would be alright.” You smiled at you.
You just blush more, “S-says who? You? Ha! I wouldn’t believe an idiot like you, even if my life depended on it!”  You pouted and crossed your arms.
“Well, you believe me that Jean told me you have a crush on me.”
“W-what? He didn’t?!” You stuttered in shocked.
He laughed a bit, “See you believed me twice! So much for not believing me.”
You growled at him, “You jerk! I could just-” He cut you off by a kiss on the lips, it was nice and soft.
“Heh! I knew you liked me, and I like you too.” He smirked and ran away
You stood there in dazed, until finally snapping out of it. You bolted after you, “You jerk! Come back here!”
Ah-Ha! Got it done!
A request from alicealbarn
I finally got it done!
Hopefully, this is what you wanted!

I don't own SNK/AOT, or Eren... But don't we all?

*EDIT* by the way, thank you all who comment. :iconoldschoolownedplz:
Anyways, if you want me to write something, any fanfic, doesn't have to be AOT/SNK, just comment in my journal.
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